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Dismond Tiny

Number of posts : 47
Registration date : 2008-03-15

Primary Character's Name: Lord Paris Skyle
Primary Profession: Monk
Level: 20

PostSubject: Sword   Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:21 pm

If Anyone Comes Across A 20/20 sword mod or a 15^50 mod please let me know. not activly searching for one but i am keeping an eye out. if anyone does get either from a drop let me know and i'd be more that willing to take it off your hands...

~Dismond Tiny
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Litle Healing Monk

Male Number of posts : 568
Age : 28
Location : Unknown
Registration date : 2006-11-15

Primary Character's Name: Litle Healing Monk
Primary Profession: Monk
Level: 20

PostSubject: Re: Sword   Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:47 pm

i dunno why u want them but i have the most used sword mods..


dunno why u are searching for them cause you can only get loads of cash for a perfect sword if you have the right skin..

(btw mod 1+2+3 = perfect sword for warrior and mod 1+4+5 = perfect caster sword)

and if anyone get a inscribtable Golden Phoenix Blade then PM me here or whisp me when im online cause i really want 1 of those..

Thats the link 2 where its dropped even the fact that some people says that its not only rare but super rare 2 get a inscribtable GPB (Golden Phoenix Blade) and if thats right then the chances for a drop from a foe or chest as good as zero tahts why i want it.. ill pay everything i got exept armor and weps that i have equipped.. but theres 40k + 20e + 14obsi shards diamonds rubies saphires and some other rare materials + loads of dyes 2 the person who gets me the sword but only if its incribtable..

Ill gladly trade as fast as possible cause i still want a picture of my monk with her nice outfit heh..

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