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 uhm yet another dervish build

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Ainnia Auran

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PostSubject: uhm yet another dervish build   Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:01 am

Righty, i cant remember everything exactly so bare with me ^^

Reaper's Sweep {E}
Mystic Regeneration
Victorious Scythe
Balthazar's Rage
Faithful Intervention
Chilling Victory
Lyssa's Assault
Eternal Aura

These vary from time to time with me but basically its:
Scythe Mastery: 11+2
Mysticism 10+1
Earth Prayers 6

its a fairly simple derv build and easy to use. simply cast Faithful Intervention as you enter the map, then when you get to a group of enemies cast Balthazars Rage and start wacking with the other skills. Use Lyssa's Assault when needed n best to use Reapers Sweep when the enemies hp is <50% (does more damage then Razz)
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uhm yet another dervish build
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