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 Assassin Fast attack

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PostSubject: Assassin Fast attack   Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:26 pm

This is a build used generally for a bit of fun and can farm small melee mobs effectively. This is not a profession build just for fun and the fact that it attacks very fast, 2 hits per second.

Zealous or Sundering Daggers of Enchanting with a "I Have the Power" mod.
Armour to get your energy to about 35.

Dagger Mastery 11
Critical Strikes 11
Shadow Arts 8
Earth Prayers 3

Golden Lotus Strike
Dust Cloak
Mystic Regeneration
Way of Perfection
Critical Defenses
Critical Eye
Critical Agility
Locust's Fury

Before battle cast Locust's Fury, Critical Agility, Critical Eye and Critical Defenses. Then run into battle. Then use Golden Lotus strike for energy and cast Way of Perfection and Mystic Regeneration when you have enough energy. The critical strikes will occur quite often and you will gain energy very quickly, Maintain enchantments and leave the normal attacks to kill them.

Swap Dust Cloak for Conviction for better armour
Swap Dust Cloak for Lotus Strike for better energy management (if you are struggling)
Change to /E and use an Firey, Icy or Shocking daggers and bring Conjure Flame, Frost or Lightning for more damage and Aura of Restoration if you feel like it.

Heavy Degen
Enchant Remove
Lots of Spike Damage

As I said before, this build is just for show so please don't complain about me putting a rubbish build up. Thank you ^ ^
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Assassin Fast attack
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