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 w/rt uw solo

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Mirkwood Forestelf
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PostSubject: w/rt uw solo   Thu Dec 06, 2007 8:43 am

Ive read little healing monk talking about this build and i would like to learn more so plz post the build and tell me how it works. Question

ps. can it kill aatxes?
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Gregory Knight
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PostSubject: Re: w/rt uw solo   Thu Apr 03, 2008 4:40 pm

Warrior / Ritualist
Restoration Magic - 12
Tactics - 10 + 1 + 2
Strength - 8 + 1

Vengeful Was Khanhei
Vengeful Weapon
Generous Was Tsungrai
Dolyak Signet
Signet of Stamina
Bonetti's Defense
Enraging Charge

Ok, here's how it works:

Carefully approach, and take the quest from the Lost Soul who should be in front of you.
If you accidentally aggro a Bladed Aatxe , hit Sprint and run straight to the cliff wall behind you, this should break any aggro. If you attract a Dying Nightmare, use Vengeful Weapon until you kill it.
Once the quest was taken, you should have noticed some monsters appear on your mini-map. They are Grasping Darknesses, so we need to lure and kill them to escape from the chamber.
So aggro the closest group, usually of about 4 Grasping’s. This will normally also aggro the Bladed Aatxe, so we hit sprint, and run straight to the back wall. Only the Graspings should follow. (You could also use a longbow for luring the Graspings, that way you can save 5 energy from not having to use Sprint.)
Once lured, use Dolyak Signet, attack them with your sword (or axe) until Bonetti’s is charged, once charged use Bonetti’s, then Vengeful was Khanhei.

Safe spots to pull to and escape from coldfire nights
Repeat until they are dead. The main problem with Grasping's are their interrupts and energy drain, both of which can be tackled with Bonetti’s. Use it as a cover when casting VWK.
Once you have killed the 3 Groups of Graspings required for the quest, you can escape the chamber.
After escape you have to aim for smites, they are the creatures that you can kill that will drop ectos. Once you reach the Smites, do NOT attack the Smites, just lure them and let them attack you while you spam all the skills. When looking for Smites, be sure to watch out for Coldfire Nights, if you do aggro them, just sprint away. If you are hit by their Shard Storm or Frozen Burst spell, try to run and not to be in the middle of their Maelstorm.

PS. No, unfortunately, it can't

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w/rt uw solo
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