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 Factions Farm

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PostSubject: Factions Farm   Sat Aug 18, 2007 2:02 pm



This will be the first guide i've ever written and also my first post on this forum. Laughing

Anyway the goal of farming the beginning of factions is all about speed.
You will be making 6 runs an hour using this guide and each run results in 750g.
So with easy calculations we can say that you will be getting 4.5k an hour using this guide.

"Hey i make alot more then that in an hour why should i use that farming place instead of the one im currently using????"

Well it's not like im forcing you to farm this way, if you have a better farming spot you can stick to that but there are some pros to using this farming guide.

*Very casual, you dont have to know much about this game to do this farm.
*Not any hard fights here, which means you don't need a lvl20 with 15k armor to complete it.
*Can be made with a lvl 1 character (it is supposed to be made with a lvl 1 char)

*Umm... I dont know.. Mabey not the best farming spot? I could use a little more cowbell.

Step 1.)

Create a new factions character, Make it an elementalist (This is a must!)
Skip the intro movie and run straigt to the gate and talk to Ludo and gain passage into the monastery.

Talk to Headmaster Vhang and run for the exit but stop to pick up henchmens and take the quest from Ludo.
I recomend the following henchmens:

Also put all your points in firemagic.
Exit the area.

::::::::::Elite way::::::::::
Always run.
Only time youre allowed to stop is when youre talking to Vhang and Ludo but only for a second.

Also remove all skills exept for flare from your skillbar.
(This will save some time for later)

Step 2.)

Once outside talk to Ludo and take the southwester passage to Ronsu.
Accept his quest and run towards the questmarker, there you will face Huan.
Kill him and complete the quest objective.
Run back to Ronsu, turn in the quest and accept the following quest.
Run south and then turn west thru the mountain passage.
From there run towards Tsumei villige.

Run straight thru the villige out on the other side.

:::::::::: Elite way ::::::::::
Don't attack ANYTHING exept Huan.
When Huan begins to cast Firestorm move out of the way because it hits HARD!
And dont ever stop unless you have to.
Also throw away all skills exept flare while passing thru the villige.

Step 3.)

Run south/southeast towards Kai Ying and accept his quest.
You should now be lvl 3, put all points in fire.
Accept his quest and target Kam on the plateu.
Cast firestorm on him and nuke away with flare.
Once all are dead talk to Kai Ying again and fast travel to the monastery.

Once at the monastery start running towards Linnok courtyard.
While inside linnok talk to Master Togo and take the WARRIOR quest(the others will make you loose time)

Run back to the monastery and talk to headmaster Zhan.

::::::: Elite way ::::::::::

Never stop always run, i cant stress this to much because IT SAVES TIME! and time is money.

While in the monstery throw away stone daggers but keep flare and firestorm.
Also after talking to headmaster Zhan you will get new warrior skills.
This is why we have been throwing away the elementalist skills.
You will also have to remember which warriorskill you throw away.


Step 4.)

Run for the quest objective (Talon Silverwing)
Beat him with flare (super easy fight) and teleport to Tsumei villige after accepting his quest.
Spend your atribute points in fire since youre lvl 4 by now.

Run to the quest objective and talk to Weng Gha
Accept his quest and run towards the quest marker.
Target one of the crop thieves (forgot their names) and begin with firestorm, then nuke away with flare.
When theyre all dead run back to Weng Gha and accept the following quest.
Teleport back to the monastery and turn in the quest at master Togo in Linnok.

Accept the quest "Choose Your Secondary Profession" and turn it in at master togo.
Now we are done so do not accept the quest "A Formal Introduction"

::::::::: Elite way ::::::::::

When you teleport back to the monastery remove one of your firespells and replace it with the warriorskill you removed in step 3.
This has to be done before you enter Linnok.

Step 5.)

Youre almost done now.
But there is one thing we must check first.
You should have 800g and 4 monastery tickets in your inventory by now.
If you dont you must have done something wrong.

Anyway last thing to do is to run to Xunlai storage and purchase a storage account for 50g.
Deposit the cash and your monastery tickets.

Logg out and delete your character and begin from step 1 again Razz

Well thats about it.

Hope someone finds this useful.
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PostSubject: Re: Factions Farm   Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:40 pm

or just do all the quests then follow the 2 last steps in his guide

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Factions Farm
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