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 Famous Dance Forms of Kerala

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PostSubject: Famous Dance Forms of Kerala   Sun Jul 08, 2007 11:24 pm

geek Krishnattam is a form of dance drama, enacted in Guruvayoor Temple, depicting the frolics and divinity of Lord Krishna.
The artistes wear the costumes and ornaments in a similar fashion as that of Kathakali with the conspicuous difference only in the language and rhythmic pattern of the song written in chaste Sanskrit.
Story of Sree Krishna, from incarnation to ascension, as narrated from the tenth chapter of Mahabharatham, is the theme of this drama staged in the Koothambalam (Temple dance stage) of Guruvayoor temple for eight nights till dawn.
Theyyam is a ritual dance performed in temples by appointed people in fulfillment of vows of devotees. Theyyam is the corrupted form of the word Daivam meaning the God. It is purported to be the dance by the Goddess Herself. The dancers are men in feminine attire wearing colourful costumes made usually of palm leaves, cloth and brass jewellery, ferocious masks and big head gear, often extending up to forty feet in height.
The pace of the dance is set to the beating of Chenda (drum). The artiste invested by the goddess in his person falls in a trance, dances deliriously to the mounting tempo and conveys, as an oracle, the goddess's acceptance of the vow and blessings or otherwise. A Kerala Tourism is guaranteed to provide one the experience of a lifetime.
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Famous Dance Forms of Kerala
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