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 Cheap Totem Axes

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William Knight

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PostSubject: Cheap Totem Axes   Fri Jul 06, 2007 5:56 pm

Ive recently discovered a means of solo ranger farming totem axes, so ive decided to sell them to guild members for a greatly reduced price. 3.5k.

So, if anyone would like one, let me know. Ill either have one in stock or can get one fairly easily.

Just incase you didnt know, the totem axe is a great "caster" melee weapon, its most often used by 55 monks and other such builds because of its inherant +5 energy and +20% enchant duration mod. Its a max dmg, req 9 axe.

Working and Vanquishing Tyria/Elona.
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Cheap Totem Axes
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